DAY IN THE LIFE: 07/15/2020

Welcome to my very first RNG Diary entry!! For those who are unfamiliar/unaware of what the RNG Diary is, please check out my post that explains itguide on my Home page.

This is inspired by Margot Lee’s college diary entry on her blog. She’s awesome, and I love her style. As you can probably tell, my blog’s style is also heavily inspired by hers. She’s blogged twice about that kind of diary before, but I thought it was a cool idea to make my own version of it by making it more random and regular.

6:47 I just finished using the restroom, put on contacts, put on a shirt, and went on Instagram for five minutes. Today is the day of my lab test at Quest Diagnostics to get my cholesterol checked, thyroid checked, etc to see if they are all normal as usual, so I am required to fast right now (which is why we picked a very early time for the appointment). Nobody else is awake yet.

7:03 I brushed my teeth and am back in my room. While I was brushing my teeth, my dad woke up and got ready. I re-adjusted my calendar for this morning because he told me that we will leave at 7:30 instead of right now because my appointment is at 8. I was under the assumption that we could walk in any time for that test because he never told me the appointment time as he usually does, but that was apparently not the case.

7:21 I tried downloading Flo but wasn’t too pleased with the interface because there was too much of a social component to it. I re-downloaded Clue so I can be prepared when the doctor asks me next time on what day my last period fell. By the way, my dad and I are leaving early.

7:33 We had to turn around because we forgot the paperwork. If it were left in my possession like it should have been, this probably would not have happened. We’re back on the road.

7:38 We each arrived in one piece.

8:04 IT’S OVER. 3 TUBES OF BLOOD. DRAWN. I looked away the whole time, but the lady drawing the blood was so nice and talked to me about college the whole time to take my mind off it. Bless her. I saw the three tubes of blood afterward, though, and was absolutely in shock. I was expecting to be terrified but was not.

8:37 Breakfast, thank god.

10:05 My handwriting is messed up because my blood-drawn arm is not allowing me to put the necessary amount of pressure to write properly. Warm-up CSSI notes are in progress.

11:27 I’m in CSSI lecture now! It’s pretty boring still; we’re covering classes and objects today. The raindrop sound my advisor played in the background while we were working was very calming, though.

11:50 We were let out early. It’s time for a short break.

12:06 I love discussion meetings. Laurie and Elijah are amazing.

12:07 “My cat does not have a social security number.” -Laurie // I died laughing AHAHAHHA

12:50 My classmate in my breakout room made this legendary, absolutely genius masterpiece. Raindrop pride. I found this so funny, especially since they were all falling in a continuous motion.

1:31 I had lunch (regular cucumber and lentils curry).

2:30 I’m continuing the CSSI warm-up to turn in even though I turned in the practice (homework) already. You go, Romina.

15:40 I’ve been calendaring for the past hour and signed a NCWIT release form (that took so long to print because our printer has issues). It’s time to organize some stuff for my career advice slides and get this excess paper off my desk!!

16:13 Panel discussion this afternoon.

17:17 I needed a treat to get me through this panel and to sit in my chair for longer. I’m not freaking out because it’s a pretty small portion size. It’s a slice of banana bread chopped up and dried cranberries.

18:02 I finished my freaking workout. I’m not that hungry because of my sizable snack.

18:23 Alright, it’s serving time. I love the background (it’s our garage).

19:39 It’s time to start this Data Structures & Algorithms course!! I do not like Python, but we’ll see how it goes because this is supposed to be useful.

20:37 I had dinner which was better than lunch – veg lime fried rice. We’re going back to this Udacity course.

22:48 I finished Lesson 1 and understand big-O notation :) It wasn’t as bad as people were making it sound. I ENJOYED IT. When I got stuck, I was genuinely curious and excited to figure out why and get an answer. I love CS. It’s time to shower and finish the rest of this tomorrow morning, though.

23:38 I cannot believe it took my almost an hour to be done with my shower and my night routine. There were probably some distractions in between. I changed my alarm from 6:30 to 7:30. Tragic. See you soon <3

I can’t reveal which day of this month my second RNG Diary entry will be because I want it to feel random for you too. Subscribe to my newsletter in the sidebar on the right to be surprised!

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